Friday, August 05, 2005

Nearly Unpacked

Well it appears that I have only 1 box to unpack!! Of course, there is alot of final putting-away and rearranging that must take place, but at least my battle with the 128 boxes will be over. I am happy to report that everything seems to be fitting into the spaces provided...all of the clothes fit in the closet (barely) and all of the kitchen items can actually be in the kitchen, etc.

Normally I would take my time and put everything away, including hanging pictures, in their proper places over the next week or so, take my time and decide where everything should be. There is however a slight problem. Mike's parent's and grandparents are arriving tomorrow afternoon to be here for Mike's white coat ceremony on Sunday. AHHH! No of course, I could leave everything as it is, they know we just got our things last Friday, but I've never met them before. I don't want them to think that I like to live that way, because I most certainly don't! So for the next 24 hours I'll be in a constant state of decorating.

Speaking of decorating, I ordered a very cute 4 x 6 rug from Anthropologie that was on clearance for only 29.99 -- a steal as the original price was 168--. It arrived and I opened the package rolled out the rug and was suprised to see they had sent me, not one, but TWO rugs...shall I return, or shall I keep (they only charged me for one)? Hmmm.

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