Friday, January 13, 2006

My Favorite Christmas Gifts

This post is entirely too long delayed, but here are a couple of my favorite Christmas gifts this year. By no means is it complete, because I loved everything I received.

Making pizza is fun again thanks to this wonderful present from Mike. It is a dual wheel pizza cutter from Brookstone. There is no more going over the pizza twice to cut all the way through, plus it look super cool and is fun to use.

Tivo. By far the best invention on the planet. No longer will I watch a program real-time. Fast forwarding over commercials and parts I find boring is perfect for my ADD-style T.V. watching. Plus it makes the coolest do do...dong!

Beyond The Blonde. It's a great novel about the secret life of beauty salons in New York City. It was so good that I read it in a few hours on the plane home from Seattle. This isn't the only great book I received. I also got Citizen Girl, The Time Travelers Wife, plus a great gift certificate to Barnes and Noble to replenish my stock -- Thanks Mom!

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