Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Bridal Fun

I went dress shopping tonight. I had spent the last two weeks looking a different bridal magazines and tabbing pictures that I thought would look good on me, or I just liked in general. I made a list of 8 that I wanted to try on from this one store, made an appointment and went. Well 2 of them that I was most sure I'd love, I hated, and ones I never thought in a million years would look good were awesome! I took some pictures and have some more appointments coming up at different bridal shops to see whats out there before I make a decision.

Two amazing things happened while I was trying on the dresses.
1. Never, and I mean NEVER in my life were my boobs too small for a dress and it happened again and again tonight. I mean, what kinds of girls are they looking for??
2. I put on all of those veils and a tiara and it hit me, I'm going to be a bride!!


simonsenfamily said...

That is so cool. I am so excited for you!

Timo said...

did you watch "murial's wedding" before beginning your dress search?

and what will henley and chico be wearing?