Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Mike is doing his OBGYN rotation for the next 5 weeks and had to work the weekend on the OB floor at the hospital. He got to deliver about 5 babies, and one all by himself because the woman progressed so quickly. Its been fun to hear the stories when he comes home at night, but he did say that they are slimy and gross when they come out!

I'm particularily enjoying this rotation because out of 6 weeks, he only had 3 overnights, which he did all of them this past weekend. I hate when he's gone every 4th or 6th night, so this will be nice. He has psychiatry next which shouldn't include any overnights either, so I'll get spoiled before he hits his surgery rotation, and then I won't see him for weeks it will seem.

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simonsenfamily said...

You keep teasing me with all these "baby" signs. I think you should have a baby.....

By the way, you had a post on things to do to keep you busy. I've taken up golf and love it. On a nice day, you can go to the driving range and hit some balls. Just keep your clubs in the car.