Thursday, February 17, 2005

Lunchtime Shopping

With Bellevue Square being so close, shopping over lunch can be more than a little tempting. I try to restrain myself, but today I went to Nordstrom's to pick up some moisturizer. I had been eyeing some other products for awhile now, and now that I'm debt free, I decided it was time to reward myself for my hard work (I also had a boatload of overtime last week that will eventually pay for all of this). I stopped at the Philosophy counter and purchased the following things:

Jump Starters Kit - which includes 4 different fabulous products

Oxygen Peel Kit - the coolest facial peel ever...your face is covered in white foam!

Hope in a Jar - the BEST moisturizer (but I'd been cheap until now...its $35 for 2 ounces)

The Supernatural - awesome mineral makeup in a super easy to apply bottle

**I dont normally drop that kind of cash in one afternoon, but I do believe in using good products and I needed a I went for it**

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Marisa said...

Better be careful or you'll be in debt again!