Monday, October 17, 2005


It's definitely here. The air is crisp, the leaves in Michigan are absolutely gorgeous, and it finally really feels like fall. This morning it was 36 degrees when I got to work, although it isn't suppose to be that cold again for some time. I am excited to dig out my scarves, wear my new pink wool coat and new leather gloves I bought this weekend.

I love fall clothing. There is just something about getting dressed in warm and comfortable fabrics like courdoroy, cashmere, wool and tweed. I look forward to wearing those clothes all year long.

I've been buying a lot of clothes again lately. It's just one of those phases where I hate everything in my closet and I want to replenish. I went to the Limited on Friday and found a very cute white dress shirt for 9.99. When I went to buy it the sales girl said "ohhhh" and proceeded to tell my that my steal of a shirt was a mistake. That shirt had just arrived and wasn't scheduled to be on the sales floor yet, and definitely not at that price. So, she gave it to me anyway, which was awesome! Nothing like a bargain to start your weekend off right.


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