Monday, November 07, 2005

Chico Update

Well after a difficult six weeks of insulin injections, special food, glucose monitoring and a whole lot of money, I am happy to announce that Chico's diabetes is under control! Mike and I spent the entire day at home again yesterday checking Chico's glucose levels (which is not fun, if I haven't said so yet...imagine trying to take blood from a tiny little vein in a cat's ear...yeah). After talking with the vet today, she is happy with where he is at and advised us he'll need a check in three months at their office, and if that is still o.k., he won't need to be checked again for a year! It is a huge relief for me. Although we still have to continue his injections, we won't have to bring him in so often for tests, or wonder if he is healthy. He is doing well, and the time, money and effort were worth it. I firmly believe that if you take on the responsibility of an animal, you should take care of whatever it is comes your way to the best of your ability.

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe you are injecting your cat. Your cat that barfs all the time. Oh wait...YES, I can believe it. 100%.
-Guess Who! HB