Monday, April 24, 2006

To My Mom

Thank you for understanding my newly deep rooted need to buy MULTIPLE pairs of shoes for the wedding. Only you can know what it feels like to think you've found the perfect pair, only to be wooed and pursuaded by two additional pairs.

You wanted some representation, and here it is. Sorry about the picture, it's a little nuts. This is when we weren't sure that the camera was working and I was holding a smile for minutes on end it seemed, Same was smirking as usual and you were laughing through it all. This is the only digital picture I have of you after the big computer crash.

Thanks again mom...I love you!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Tunes,
As you know by now, I have purchased 2 pair of shoes for the wedding. Of course, neither is "quite right" so the hunt continues.
It is really fun going through this wedding experience with you. You are even more bubbly than usual and having such fun!