Thursday, September 14, 2006

1 month

I can't believe the wedding is only a month away...the last 7 months have flown by, and what used to seem so far off, is now right around the corner. Most of the plans are made, although I do have quite a few projects I'm working on which is helping me stay busy and not too nervous about the big day.

Our pastor asked us to mail him some general information about our families and more detailed info about ourselves including our hobbies and why we love the other person. We've known about this task for months but wasn't one that had to be done in a hurry. Last night I told Michael he had to complete it today so that I could send it off. He e-mailed it to me at work and I almost cried...he's not a many of many descriptive words (for instance, when asked why he loves me, he often replies "because I do"). So today I opened up an e-mail with a bunch of reasons and they were awesome to read.

Today at work about 20 of us delivered meals to senior citizens around town for United Way. Myself and two other co-workers delivered to 9 people and it was a wonderful experience, the people delivering the meals are often the only people the seniors see all day and they were so nice and wanted to chat. I definitely think it's something I will do again.

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