Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It's clear that I'll need more hobbies

Monday was the official start of Mike's 3rd year of medical school and the beginning of his clinical rotations. He has been out of the house long before I'm out of bed (this morning it was 2 full hours before my alarm was even set to go off), and getting home in the late evening, or after I've gone to bed. By the end of today he'll have well over 40 hours worked in just 3 days, and doesn't have a day off until next Tuesday and a 30-hour overnight call day between now and then.

It's become clear in just 2 full days how truly alone I will be over the next year. I don't mean alone in the "I'm lonely" sense, more of how quiet the house is with just me in it. I have a few hobbies that I enjoy doing that I hope to put some more time into now to keep my mind off him being gone so much. I also want to try a few new things to keep everything interesting and fun. I'm not sure what those will be yet, but if you have any ideas, send them my way.

I'm looking forward to going to North Dakota over the long memorial day weekend to get a good dose of family (and shopping) in.


Trying Momma said...

Just wanted to say hi to a fellow Michigander. I'm on the west side though :)
Have a great holiday!

simonsenfamily said...

Maybe you could do your MBA online with U of P? I had some extra time on my hands as well and was going to hit my local shelter and see if there is a need for volunteers or something. I have also been thinking of taking up golf. Looks like i'll be taking up lessons here soon.

Hope some of these ideas help! Let me know what you end-up doing.