Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Not Nesting

I've been in such a cleaning frenzy lately that if I were pregnant, this would definitely be the "nesting" phase. I'm not sure what has brought it all on, whether it be the nice weather, or knowing we'll be moving in a couple of months, but either way, its good.

I have given away 10 lawn and garbage bags full of clothes, housewares and other miscellanous items to goodwill, thew away all of our dvd cases and organized the discs in an album format, took everything out of our three spare closets (for those of you short on storage space, don't be jelous, ours are full AND we have a storage unit), seperated items by type and put them in small plastic boxes.

Of course, I couldn't stop there, I had to label said boxes with a label from my handy label maker. This list continues, and I have lots more I'm wanting to accomplish this weekend. My obsession rolled over to work today because I spent the last hour and a half scrubbing my desk, throwing out non-essential items and reorganizing it.


Anonymous said...
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Marisa said...

Don't you LOVE label makers? I use mine every chance I get... its an addiction really :)

simonsenfamily said...

Pregnancy is in the air! Three of my friends caught the bug:)

Try it, you'll like it.