Monday, October 15, 2007

Our First Year

Yesterday Mike and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary. We spent a good majority of the day relaxing around the house and then headed about 30 miles out of town to do a little shopping and have a nice dinner. We had a very yummy dinner at the Melting Pot which left us both very full, or so I thought.

Less than an hour after we got home Mike was already itching to break into our wedding cake that his mom had so nicely stored for us all year. We fed each other a small bite, and it was suprisingly not too bad. Mike must have thought it was even better, because before I knew it, nearly the entire thing was gone. There aren't many foods he likes more than cheese and cake, so I think this anniversary is going to be hard to top for him!

Happy anniversary baby, here's to a very exciting year ahead of us and many more to come. I love you.

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