Thursday, February 21, 2008

ER and Labor & Delivery

Last night we made an unplanned trip to the ER when I woke up around 2:45 with heart palpitations. When we got to the ER the admitting clerks looks at each other, my 37 week belly and said "Should we just send her straight up to L&D?"

They decided to bring me back into the ER and got me settled into a room. They did an EKG and watched my heart for about and 2 hours. The EKG was normal, but my heart palpitations were caused by something called PVCs which from what they said are normal in late pregnancy because of all of the extra blood you have in your body (40% more than normal).

The doctor assured me all was well, but because I was so far along they wanted to send me upstairs to labor and delivery to have the baby monitored. After having to pee in a cup for the 2nd time in about an hour - which is a feat when you have massive belly protruding out and its hard enough to see down, let alone make the catch into that tiny cup, I got settled into the triage room. They hooked the baby and I up to monitors and watched us for awhile to make sure everything was still normal and at 6:45 this morning that said to go home, relax and come back if I continued to feel strange.

So, no baby yet, and I'm feeling better, but after they announced that I was going up to Labor & Delivery it became very real to Mike and I that I could very well have this baby at any time. Its both scary and exciting and makes me realize how much I am looking forward to his arrival!

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simonsenfamily said...

That is so scary! Glad to hear all is well. This is getting very exciting! Can't wait to see pictures of the baby.