Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Time Crunch

There are 4 weeks left today until the little guy gets here (give or take 2 weeks if he's early or late). I am starting to feel overwhelmed with all there is to do beforehand, although most of it is done. The little details are what are bothering me at this point and nothing I can really hand off to anyone to assist with.
  1. Pack a bag for the hospital, something that Michael said he can just "run and get whatever I need" once I get admitted...yeah, right. If he thinks he's leaving to run errands once I'm admitted, he's sadly mistaken.
  2. Clean out the car
  3. Compile email list for Mike to send to once the baby arrives as he'll have to send it from outside the labor & deliver floor since there is no Wifi there
  4. Have carseat inspected and installed
  5. Move treadmill out of babys room
  6. Buy an ottoman or stool for the nursey
  7. Get the graphics we ordered put on the walls in the nursery - if they ever arrive
  8. Take a breastfeeding class
  9. Find a daycare - this is a biggie, I'm a planner and don't want to wait. I'd like this set so I don't have to worry about interviewing providers after he arrives.
  10. Shave my legs - gross, I know
  11. Finish all of the parenting books I'm halfway through. I'm sure all of of the material be lost in my brain for the sleep-deprived weeks to come, but at least I can say that I've read them and hopefully retain something.
  12. Buy a few more nursing bras. I already bought one, and let me tell you, they are neither attractive, nor inexpensive. Plus, knowing that they will grow even more than they already have is both scary and amazing.
  13. RELAX! A nice dinner out for Valentine's Day should help with this.

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