Wednesday, October 14, 2009

3 Years

Today Mike and I are celebrating our 3rd anniversary. The suggested anniversary present for the 3rd year is leather, is that because the last year was supposed to have been rough? The last year has been filled with lots of changes for us. Griffin celebrated his 1st birthday and has quickly made the transition into toddlerhood. Mike graduated medical school and started working (and working, and working) a total of 3 jobs. We moved into a bigger house. Certainly not all of the changes were easy, but I wouldn't say they were rough either. In fact, I'd definitely say the 3rd year of marriage was much easier than the 2nd. Of course, the 2nd probably had something to do with throwing an infant into the mix!

We are very lucky to have Mike's parents in town this week, which we will take full advantage of by going out for a little date tonight.

Happy Anniversary, Mike. Thank you for working so hard to lay the foundation for our future, enduring sleep deprivation and the loss of any amount of personal time in order to allow us family time together around your crazy schedule. We only have a few more months of this until we can settle into a much easier routine. I looked ahead and next year's present is fruit and flowers - perhaps this next year will be "peachy".


Jeni Angel said...


But what did you get him? I can think of a few "leather" ideas. . . both naughty and nice :-)

Aspenchick said...

Jeni - I got him a leather picture frame and a gift certificate to a comic book store. He got me a small leather coach wallet. He did good. :)

Jeni Angel said...

oooooooooo! Very good, indeed!