Thursday, April 29, 2004

My day as Ally McBeal

So yesterday I went to Municipal Court to defend myself against a ticket I received for expired license tabs. The fine...101.00 (I'm not even going to go into how much difference that extra dollar makes). I looked pseudo-professional in charchol slacks, a pink shirt and black open-toed mules, which was in stark contrast to the roomful of baggy jeans, t-shirts, and people holding bibles (what the?).

I went forward when my name was called, made my case, and got my fine reduced from 101.00 to 60.00. Not too bad for my first day of court! :) Bottom line is, I did have expired tabs, the fine is 101.00, but I went there, made my case and thanks to my skills of persuasion (I think) I saved myself 41.00. God Bless America and the Judicial Branch.

On a seperate note. I found this website and I'm LOVING it! House Gymnastics

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