Monday, April 26, 2004

This weekend was a lot of fun. Elaine and I went to the move 13 Going On 30 this weekend, which was a definite chick flick, and adorable. Then we decided on Saturday that we were going to go hiking. We planned our route, got up to the mountain started to hike when we started to come across not a well manicured trail, but bruch...a thicket...overgrown jungle-type atmosphere...but we forged ahead because we were hiking to an alpine lake, Barclay Lake. Little did we know after all or scapes and bumps, that we weren't on the trail at all...that trail as right next to our "trail" and we missed it....the correct trail was manicured and such...and lead to a lake....we didnt get close to a lake, just bruch, a random waterfall, some wildflowers and some leftover snow.....what an adventure.

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