Monday, May 09, 2005

The hunt for goose down

First off, thank you to Elaine for your huge amount of patience as I searched for four hours on Saturday to find a new down comforter. It all started Saturday morning as I stripped the bed in order to wash it. I looked at my old raggy down comforter and thought...gross! I know there is a cover over it, but it is no longer pristinely white, but had become discolored and ratty looking over the past 10 years.

I called Elaine and she agreed to go shopping with my; however, I don't think she knew what she was getting in for. We went to Macy's, JcPenney's, Ross, Target, T.J. Maxx, Costco and Bed Bath and Beyond. And later that night I went to Fred Meyer...and still didn't have a comforter.

So today looking for a good deal (in the spirit of Elaine), I went to I found a much nicer comforter than any I had looked at in the stores in the same price range, but finally settled on one that was 78% off, plus I got a 12% discount for being a new customer, as well as $2.00 shipping...what a deal! And cost me over $20 less than the one at Macy''s that!

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Travelchick76 said...

Way to go Sunny! I knew you could find one. I hope it's not too cold at night until you get it. But at least you have an extra body there now. ;)