Thursday, May 12, 2005

A Wednesday present

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Michael had told me they finally opened an American Apparel store in Seattle. I had asked him a couple of weeks ago to stop in there and tell me what he thought of their stuff since it is on their way home. I have heard from people that they have great things and that the prices are decent.

The clothing is made in LA, without the use of children making 5 cents an hour to do the work...SWEATSHOP FREE!

So last night Michael came home and said "Happy Wednesday" and handed me a bag from American Apparel with a pink t-shirt that he had bought on his way home. What a guy!

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Marisa said...

Yeah, the T-shirts are soooo soft I love them (My Mountain Con t-shirt is AA)! And American Apparel supports their employees very well! I believe they even have yoga classes offered.