Sunday, July 03, 2005

Drive me crazy!

We have spent the last two days driving and I am SICK and TIRED of driving. Sick. and. tired. We decided today to leave tomorrow afternoon instead of Tuesday morning and to stop somewhere in Wisconsin instead of trying to drive all the way to Ann Arbor in one day...15 hour drives are not very fun. I am looking forward to getting into Ann Arbor now in the daylight so I can have a few hours of seeing my new city before I have to start work, etc. So tomorrow...8 hours of driving, and hopefully we'll see some fireworks along the way.


simonsenfamily said...

That is a horrific drive. I've done it myself. Can you say flat and boring?

It will all be over soon. When you guys get settled and decide to spend a weekend in Chicago, let me know and i'll hook you up.

Best to you both!

scorpiofiend said...

sunny d/in full effect,

love your site, very cute! also - very proud of you for making the right choice! *and i ain't talkin' no scorpio pushy ass jive!

take care and see you on the yellow brick road,


p.s. please no more white trash talk or hoe down's @ the new job! we had fun didn't we?!!!