Sunday, July 24, 2005

What does boredom look like?

First off...Elaine, Marisa and Heather...I miss you SO much!

Michael went home to northern Michigan yesterday and will be there until the middle of the week or so, therefor, I am left in an apartment with nothing in it trying to occupy my time. Ha! How do you occupy endless time with nothing to do? Well, I have been shopping...A LOT...watching movies on the computer, surfing the internet (thanks, Marisa ;) ), doing laundry and shopping more.

I did have my first "date" with a girl from the area last night, we just walked around downtown, did a little shopping and it was fun to have someone to talk to outside of sales people who were happy to have my money.

Here is what I bought yesterday:

1 pair of Peach/white striped pants from NY & Company (that store is awesome...a Limited Co. Brand)
3 Shirts from the Gap
1 bag og Cat Food
2 Baskets from Pier 1
1 cool lamp for the spare bedroom
1 duvet cover for the spare bedroom
1 duvet for the spare bedroom
1 Curtain rod for the spare bedroom
1 candle for the spare bedroom ( are you seeing a theme here )
4 Towels for the spare bathroom
3 baby things for my friend Melissa
A bunch of super cheap lingerie at Mervyn's
A gift


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