Monday, July 18, 2005

What did you say?

How do you know when you're truly back in the midwest?

a) Your co-worker says more than once a day "Geez o' Pete's"

b) Your new colorist dyes your blonde hair brown, cuts it to your shoulders without your o.k. and says "That looks so good on you"

c) The Welcome Wagon calls you to arrange time to "Stop by and chat"



Anonymous said...

Wait, so you now have shoulder-length brown hair? Does it look ok? Did you have them correct their mistake and dye it blonde? I thought this was supposed to be the best hair coloring place in the area? That sucks! You should get your money back.

Marisa said...

YOu were talking about possibly going "brown" before... but you should still get your money back if you didn't ask for it!

Timo said...

Did she say "oh, Fer Cute"?