Friday, November 16, 2007

An Early Christmas Present

My mom emailed me saying she was sending our Christmas present early and that it should be here next week with instructions to open it when it arrived. Last night I came home to a very large box and Michael and I opened it together and found the very cute crib bedding set we had registered for. I absolutely love it! I didn't want something baby-ish that would look out of place in a year (think bugs or safari animals), instead I was going for something modern and fun. Here is the set including the curtains she bought for us as well.
I can't wait to get everything all set up in the nursery. Little by little its starting to come together. Now I just need to find artwork or some sort of wall decorations (without involving painting the walls) and a little shelving. I like the pictures they used in below, but at $133 each, that is out of the question. I might try my hand at a little artwork of my own and see how well I do.

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simonsenfamily said...

I have never seen a baby crib set like that. I LOVE it. You are right, after a year... the cute little baby stuff gets old (or should i say too young).

We started buying Blake big boy stuff that he can use when he's like 10.

What an exciting time for you both!