Saturday, August 22, 2009

Because they get it

Tonight Griffin and I went to an ice cream social that was sponsored by the Resident Support Network at the University of Michigan. The group is open to residents and spouses and offers opportunities to get together. The events range from playgroups to tailgating parties to wine and cheese events to movie nights. The group is funded by the house officers association, so most events are free, and some even include some cash to help cover the cost of a babysitter.

Griffin and I had a great time! There was even a little boy that Griffin used to go to daycare with who we found out whose dad is also a doctor. They ran around the playground laughing and chasing each other. It was a nice to talk to people who had kids and are going through the same struggles we are. I'm not saying that others don't understand what our lives are like, but at the same time unless you live this life, its hard to explain and understand. He can't call in the middle of the day to say "hi", he doesn't "get off early", being done at 7 really means he's done at 8 and taking a "sick" day doesn't ever happen. Mike's schedule is really busy with extremely long and changing hours. On top of that he works two other part time jobs to add to the chaos. When asked where Mike was tonight I said he was on night float and one woman just smiled and nodded. I didn't have to explain what that meant to her, she understood and it felt nice to be surrounded with people who just got it, at least for tonight!

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Chica said...

Hehe, that's how I feel when meeting up with other Microsoft wives :D

"Windows just RM'd. Neil's working all night (and really I did mean ALL night, he came home at 4am then turned around and went back at 7am). And I get the "Ahhh, yeah, Mark is doing the same thing".

Nice, isn't it?!