Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sick Boy

Griffin woke up with a fever this morning. We took him to the doctor this afternoon as every time he has a fever, he has an ear infection. This time he didn't. On the positive side, he doesn't have an ear infection, which means most likely his ear canals are growing in the right direction and we'll be able to avoid putting tubes in. On the negative side, we have a sick little boy with a 102.7 fever who can't go back to daycare until its been gone for 24 hours. Mike was luckily home today and will be tomorrow, and I'll have to take Thursday and potentially Friday off. I feel so bad when he's sick. I know he gets bored laying around, but he doesn't feel much like doing anything either.

And as always, I hate that even minor illnesses can have scary complications (although rare). I need to not look at Google any more.

Stopping at the store on the way home for some pudding pops and popsicles to make sure he stays fed and hydrated.

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Chica said...

Let me just say: A. I've had to stop googling things as there have been WAY too many moments where I thought for sure Austin was gonna die of some horrible infection. Our pediatrician didn't help when he mentioned that the yeast rash under Austin's neck could turn into impetigo. WTF?

And in my overall experience with doctors - they are there to treat the symptoms not get to the root of the problem (which is the reason we went to the naturopathic doctor, which she is awesome btw!) Doctors have to get people in and out on a schedule to ensure money is being brought it.

Our pediatrician hasn't spent more than 20 minutes with us and that was just on our very first visit.
P.S. I should have just sent you an email!