Monday, August 17, 2009

Healthcare Debate

I created a long post this morning that I decided to take down after I posted it. I'm not for universal health care coverage for a variety of reasons. If you want to know why, feel free to ask, otherwise that is all I'll have to say about the drama that is going on right now in Washington. Everyone is so heated about this topic and I don't believe they have all of the facts in hand to truly debate it.


Chica said...

I agree, a heated debate it has become, definitely. I do believe that healthcare coverage should be provided to everyone because by NOT doing so, only Big Pharma and insurance companies profit. (I have stats on my blog about this.) The amount of money they are making off of the American people is disturbing at best. I can understand why you'd feel this way with Mike becoming a doctor, but it boils down to human decency and caring for a human being - not just to make a buck, but that's ALL Big Pharma and the insurance companies care about...

Read this if you want to know a bit about Obama's plan:

Right now, if one has an existing health condition, say Heather did and she owns her own business, if she applied for healthcare through Regence Blueshield she may not get the coverage or if she did her rates per month would be astronomical (just an example).

Jeni Angel said...

I saw you said "no" to a poll on this on facebook and I WAS curious as to why, especially because Mike is a doctor.

I think we need universal health care. I haven't spent a TON of time delving into the details, but I think both sides are spending way too much time muddling the info, making it very hard to whittle down the facts.

Feel free to email your thoughts.