Thursday, April 29, 2010

Drop Side Crib Recall

Today there was another recall on drop side cribs. There have been numerous recalls over the past few years, yet parents continue to use them. Why? As a parent, I do not understand how parents, even educated parents, completely ignore the guidlines that thousands of trained professionals outline to help insure their child's safety! Call me a helicopter parent, or an overprotective parent, but if there is anything I can help prevent my child from being injured or harmed in any way, I am going to do it, regardless of cost or convenience. These things include: a safe sleeping environment (baby in their own sleeping space, firm mattress, no bumpers, cool air, swaddle when little, wearable blankets when older, sleep on their back, NOTHING in the crib until they are a year, and even then, just a light blanket at naptime, and a sturdy side stationary or convertible crib), babyproofing, vaccinations, etc, etc, etc. Sure, accidents happen, and not everyone has the money to replace old furniture, but the government has got to put a ban on allowing these cribs to be sold and re-sold.

Please go here to check frequently for updates on infant and child product safety recall.

I'm stepping off my soap box, now.

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