Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Foot

My foot has been hurting for two weeks so I finally went to the doctor. She said I have a bunion.  Excellent.  She pointed to be adorable 3-inch BCBG heels and said "nuh-uh".  Instead, she recommended these.  Ugh, I think I'll deal witht he pain.

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Chica said...

Ohh girrrrl, I swear all these issues come up after having a baby. The top of my right foot was killing. I went to a physical therapist (I worked for him when preggers) and he was all do you carry Austin on your right side and I was like, yeah! So, all that extra weight was messing up my feet. I now have orthotics that I wear with a pair of semi-cute mary jane, sporty type shoes. The pain was just too much, I was hobbling at the end of the day.

Be sure to remedy the problem before you have to have surgery like my mom (she had a bunion, no fun!).

And I actually love Danskos :) unfortunately, I cannot wear them because they don't work well for my feet. :(