Friday, April 16, 2010

Living the residency life

In the three years since I have been married I have had very few weekends with my husband at home to spend quality spousal time with, and in the past two years, family time. The schedule of a medical student then intern / resident is grueling and those scheduling issues quickly spill over into family life. It's not the "Honey, I'll be working a little late" phone call many married people get from time to time. Instead its learning anywhere from a few weeks before to the first day of the month that we'll have one weekend day together the entire month. That every fourth day he'll leave the house long before I wake up, and not arrive home until after 1pm the next day. Let me be honest, those days are rough on both of us.

Despite it all, Mike is a trooper, he wakes up with we come home around 5:30 so he can spend a few hours with Griffin and I before going back to bed after we tuck Griffin in for the night. On top of this crazy schedule and insane amount of hours, he works two side jobs to allow us extra money to indulge in fun activities, buy the grass fed beef I demand to cook with, and just generally keeps us from having to add the worry of "how do we make ends meet" to our already hectic lifestyle. He is awesome that way.

May is on the horizon and it is the very last work-every-weekend, endless-call-shifts, wake-up-at-4am, carry-the-pager-everywhere month of his career with the exception of a couple of weeks of having to carry a pager in about a years time. Let me say that this is making me more than a little excited! Not only because this means that we will be able to plan more than a month in advance, that he can be a part of our holidays again (he missed Thanksgiving and Christmas last year), but that I can feel a little less guilty about asking for "me" time, even for an hour or two on the weekends. There are projects I've wanted to start or finish, but time just does not allow for that very often. I love being creative and making things, but I have fallen off that wagon for a few years now. 
I managed to throw Griffin another pretty awesome, in my opinion, birthday bash, but I have about 20 projects I have sitting, waiting, for some attention! I'm hoping to carve out some time over the next month to finish some things for my friend Elaine's 1st baby girl due in June to start it all off. 

6 more weeks to a real family life, thats all. I can't believe it, but I'm nearly giddy with anticipation.

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