Thursday, April 14, 2005

All Geeked Out

Last night Mike and I went to the mall because he wanted to buy a new XBox game. First off, he hates the mall, or so he says. The funny thing is, the two times we have actually went to the mall, it has been his maybe he's just a closet mallrat.

When we got there we went to the directory to find the "EB". Apparently if you like video games, I mean REALLY like them, its uncool to call it the "Electronics Boutique". Maybe it's the word boutique gets to them, or maybe they just want to sound cool. Either way, we headed over and Mike started to freak out a bit when the game he wanted wasn't there. So while he was frantically looking and muttering to himself that he was just SURE that game was coming out that day, I swam my way through a sea of pre-teen boys in order to discover that yes, indeed, the game he wanted was there, tucked safely behind the counter.

After the big purchase, we went back home, and he played the game for awhile while I tried to read my book, all the while having samurai fighters in the background making there "hiayyyyah" sounds.



Marisa said...

You sure are talking about "the boy" alot lately! ;)

Travelchick76 said...

This is just like my guy too. He was obsessing over this game for PSP that he had heard good things about and couldn't find it. We went shopping and he had to go to EB and buy his game. Boys!