Thursday, April 28, 2005

And she cooks...

If you know me, you know that I like to cook. And not just cook. I like to martha-stewart everything. I like making cupcakes with flowers on the top made out of marshmallows and other crazy over-the-top things. But last night was the first night I cooked dinner for Michael. In all of the time we've been together I have never EVER cooked him dinner. I've not made him cookies or breakfast. The extent of my providing nourishment to him is brining him a Mountain Dew or going out to dinner. This makes me mad because I like to make people dinner, it just never worked out until last night.

Last night I got home from Yoga and he was still exercising. We were both hungry so I took a look through our (yes, OUR) cupboards and started to make dinner. I didn't pre-plan the menu and it turned out great. So as a record of the very first dinner I made for him here it is:

Whole wheat penne pasta with Pesto & Sun dried tomatoes
Steamed summer squash, carrots and asparagus
Watermelon for dessert



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