Wednesday, May 10, 2006

It's always something

The last 48 hours have been full of one issue after another:

Mike's car died. It's dead. So now we're shopping for cars when we didn't expect to be adding a car payment into our monthly bills

We have ants. Came home last night to find a little trail along the ledge in our kitchen. Where they are coming from, or what they think they're going to eat, I have no idea. We bought some ant traps last night, and now they are feeding on it. Stupid ants.

Our thermostat is busted. I set our temperature in the house to about 70, and a few degrees lower at night. I wake up HOT and find out the air isn't working.

10/14/06. Our wedding. Mike has school and we knew he would need to miss a week, which isn't a problem, except about four weeks during the school year they have 'manditory' weeks, and it JUST SO HAPPENS that they have scheduled one of those weeks for either the week before or the week after our wedding. So option A (f it's the week before_, they'll let him leave Thursday afternoon, or option B (if it's the week after) , he'll have to leave to go home the day after our wedding. Neither I'm super excited about, but I guess we'll just have to roll with the punches.

And finally, travel. We've purchased our first 2 airline tickets (of the upcoming 8-10 we'll need to purchase before January) wallet already feels strangely light.

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