Thursday, May 04, 2006

Reality TV

I'll admit it, I enjoy reality t.v., or at least some of it. One show that I really enjoy is Top Chef on the Bravo channel. It's interesting to see the food that they create, but also the amount of drama that a few chefs in the kitchen can create. I know they choose people that will not be compatable exactly for those reactions for t.v., but sometimes you just want to jump into the t.v. and kick some chef butt!

For those of you have been watching it, last night Leann went home, which makes me mad, because Tiffany just angers me with her higher-than-thou attitude and I'm going to be so upset if she wins!

Also, if you watch it -- I'm SO happy they kicked Steven off. He was so annyong, he was the most self-centered person on the show, and his food was artful but not edible, and who wants that?

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