Friday, August 25, 2006

Back to the vet

Last night after Mike and I got home we noticed Chico hadn't ate or drank anything. We drove to the store and got a syringe and a bottle of Ensure. After dinner I started giving him the Ensure with the syringe in order to get something in his stomach. I didn't get very much in him, but I hoped it might urge him to eat.

This morning I woke up and walked into the kitchen and Chico was laying there by his water dish. I petted him and went to add more food to the dish and he walked up and rubbed against my leg, which he normally does when he's hungry. He just walked over and looked at both his food and water and went and layed back down. So back to the vet we went and ran some bloodwork and other tests. The vet prescibed an appetite stimulant because sometimes the painkillers they give will make them stop eating, which is bad for cats because they develop other serious problems quickly if they don't eat. She also told us to blend together wet cat food and warm water and feed him through a syringe.

When we got back home we gave him the pill and some fluids under his skin and then I went to work blending together the cat food. The smell was absolutely awful, and he didn't like eating it very well, but hopefully it will make him feel a little better and he'll start eating on his own.

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