Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Feeling Better

Chico seems to have recovered from his recent episode, although the weekend was long and very tiring getting him to this place. Each day we had to give him insulin twice, fluids under his skin twice, an appetite stimulant pill twice, a painkiller liquid twice, a antibiotic pill once, and feeding him with a syringe every two hours during the day.

With all of that I didn't get a thing done that I wanted to, but at least he is better! So that means this weekend will be filled many projects, although we will get to take a break on Saturday to go to the University of Michigan vs. Vanderbilt football game at the 'Big House'. I'm excited, not because I love football, because I don't, rather that football in Ann Arbor is an institution and I drive by the Big House every day, and I've always wanted to go inside.

On that note: GO BLUE!

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