Friday, January 28, 2005

Busy...yes, busy!

This weekend is going to be busy...really busy. Tonight I am having dinner with Heather, Marisa and Jared at Pesos' of the best dining establisments in all of Seattle and maybe all of Earth. Over the rest of the weekend I have to write my portion of my school team's paper and work on our PowerPoint presentation. I also have to write a paper for the class the following week as I'll be out of town next week. I also have to study for the marketing final I have on Tuesday night. I have to get laundry done and pack for the trip home. Buy catfood, make sure the house is clean, make keys for Elaine so she can feed the cats, file my taxes if I can get all my paperwork in. I also have Alias and Collateral on Netflix to watch. The oil on my car needs to be changed, but maybe that can wait until I get back. I also need to see my boyfriend because I miss him, although I know he's going to have a busier weekend than I am writing a grant for his lab and putting the finishing touches on his thesis. All in all it should make for a busy weekend, but it should be good...because my headache is almost non-existent anymore...YAHOO!

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