Monday, January 10, 2005


it's cold in here... (ok...please tell me you know where that line came from). I arrived at the office around 7:45 this morning only to find that our heat is having "issues". It was 60 degrees in the room that I have to spend the first hour of my Monday in, and only 62 at my desk. Throughout the day it has warmed up to a balmy 68 degrees; however, I still cannot feel my butt as it's frozen. And let me just say the only reason the temperature has risen, is because my little space heater has been going non-stop all day.

I happened to bring a fleece as a jacket to work today as a jacket, and I've been wearing it ALL DAY. Apparently 4 floors below us, it was 52 degrees this morning, so it makes 60 degrees look like a Hawaiian vacation in comparison. With any luck, tomorrow will be warmer, and I'll actually be able to take my coat off during the day.

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