Wednesday, January 19, 2005

What is it...August?

The humidity today is completely bizarre. Although my office is finally a comfortable 71 degrees, the humidity today in Seattle was felt like I was drinking the air it was so damp in here.

And on to other randomness:

Chico, darling cat...why, oh WHY do you have to eat 5,000 pieces of cat food at once, so they fall out of your non-existant cat cheeks onto the floor? I promise to always feed you, just take your damn's the same stuff every day. Let Henley at least attempt to outweigh him by 10'll live if he eats first...I promise.

It looks like the weather back in the midwest should be about 30 by the time I go home the first week in February...thank goodness. In all reality I do miss the cold, but I can do without the 50 below zero days.

Jonny Lang...a fellow Fargoan is going to be at the Moore Theatre in This guy can play guitar like no one I've ever seen...and his voice is awesome. He always sings this song "Irish Angel" which isn't on any of his albums, but is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever have to go just to experience that song.

I finally took the time to paint my toenails this week...they were in some serious need of color.

My marketing teacher last night said in front of the class how "well written" and "fully integrated" my paper was...perfect A+ and thats without any of my usual teacher's pet, sucking up going on...woo hoo!


esclava said...

My cat is named Chico too.

Stefanie said...

Just stumbled over your blog!!!

I know exactly what you are talking about when you mentioned the Seattle weather. There was snow last week... I think... maybe it was just Whidbey Island... cause that's what my fiancé's mom told us.