Friday, January 07, 2005

:to the power of one:

Well for the first time since we've been friends, H, M, E and I all have boyfriends (assuming H's guy does become her valentine and E does let her guy become long term). ---breath--- with that being said tonight is one of the very first Fridays that I'll be home....alone. Everyone will be with their boy, while mine is 3000 miles away...bummer. I have my sights on laundry, vacumining, dusting, general cleaning and grocery, what an exciting life I lead. Why is it when you're single, being alone isn't so strange, but when you're with someone and they're not around it just feels...empty?


Marisa said...

Ha! That means everyone is enjoying "dessert" on a regular basis. :)

Anonymous said...

"vacumining"...that sounds serious.